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Testimonial – David Buffamoyer

Dear Autumn,  I was writing to thank you for all your help in getting me back to where I could enjoy my life again.  After 3 back surgeries I was not able to enjoy the things I once could.  Riding and showing horses is my love and now I am able to ride and show horses   again.  Yes I still have a little pain, however, with visits to your clinic from time to time I can keep the medicine at bay and now can tie my   own shoes.   First time I could tie my own shoes in 4 years.

I am NOT taking any meds at this time and back to training horses.    Riding 3 to 5 performance horses a day now.  I know I will need you again soon when I do something stupid.  But for the time, I feel great.    Thanks for all your help.  I hope you will share my story with many people.  It is a blessing that I found you.   Thanks Autumn

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